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Healthy MoJo

Juice Stand


Fresh n' Delicious!

Healthy Mojo is one of its kind healthy alternative to packed juices, soft-drinks and beverages with added preservatives and sugar. Our USP is using combination of seeds that has many dietary benefits. 

We have created a unique combination of menu which takes care of offering health and taste. Our flavor pallet focuses on health, nutrition & well-being. We aim to provide quality product, made from fresh ingredients & perfect combination of seeds to give you a sensational experience on taste buds & health. 

Drink Sampler


Our Range of Juices and Smoothies

A spoon of 'Magic Seeds'

We add a spoon of farm grown seeds to make sure we give you a glass of natural health supplement 

Passion Fruit Juice
Green Shake



Chia Pudding

Juice n Smoothies

Fizzy juices and thick smoothies

Our Juices are made with crushed fruits with one spoon of our magic seeds. We also add a twist of fizz in our juices to make it a perfect substitute for fizzy drink.

'Just a sip and the quench will go away.'

Our smoothies are made from combination of fruits, crushed with seeds and topped with optional nuts or fruit sauce. 

'Thick and tasty smoothie with incredible nutrition value.' 

 Healthy Fruit Salad
Fruit Cream
Fruit Churned with fresh fruit and served with fruit bits

This is is our take on normal ice cream. Our fruit sauce is churned with cream and served with fresh cut fruit. It is a dairy based product but is a perfect replacement for sugar based desert 

'A bowl of desert that will make you forget ice-cream'

Chia Pudding